Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Analysis of Contemporary Conflicts

Analiza sodobnih konfliktov

Course credits:

6.00 ECTS / 45 (30 hours of lectures, 0 hours of exercises, 15 hours of seminars, 0 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

izr. prof. dr. Maja Garb






First semester

Study degree

2. level

    Course execution:

  • Postgraduate Programme of Defence and Security Studies

Short content

1. Basis of conflicts: definitions of war and of (armed) conflicts. Institutions that study the conflicts. Databases on conflicts. World conflicts overview. 2. Tools for conflict analysis: 4 objective dimensions. SIDA manual. DFID manual. Comparative conflict analysis. Early warning and response. Analysis on micro-level. Conflict transformation. Post-conflict reconstruction. Costs of armed conflicts. Refugee camps. Wartime deviations (war rape). 3. Cases of armed and political conflicts.

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Curriculum was last modified on: 03.05.2023