Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Readings in Media and Communication Studies

Seminar iz komunikološke literature

Course credits:

6.00 ECTS / 60 (0 hours of lectures, 20 hours of exercises, 40 hours of seminars, 0 hours other forms of work)

Course holder:

prof. dr. Breda Luthar


  • Tch. Asst. Anamarija Šiša






Second semester

Study degree

1. level

    Course execution:

  • Undergraduate Programme of Media and Communication Studies

Short content

This course is based on readings of selected literature from the field of media and communication studies. In this course we will learn in detail about selected classical/canonical works in media and communication studies, and about their interpretation in important recent works. The course will be organized in a way that lecturers will select a topic and will prepare "a reading program", students will be invited to apply "a reading program" to their own research interests or to their own topics.

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Curriculum was last modified on: 26.06.2023