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Teorija in praksa 2/2023

The Memorial Section entitled Language as the Eternal River, edited by the visiting editors Monika Kalin Golob and Boštjan Udovič, is dedicated to the Professor Emeritus and researcher Dr. Tomo Korošec. The section includes six articles touching on Korošec' research topics, bringing six perspectives of the diverse topics dr. Tomo Korošec dealt with. As is written in the introduction it will probably take us years to be able to truly understand his outstanding contribution to the development of linguistics and social sciences.

Moreover, you should not miss two English articles which speak about the basic principles of liberal tradition, principles arising from judicial practice and the legality principle regarding foreign citizens and their active participation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Monika Kalin Golob, Boštjan Udovič: In memoriam Tomo Korošec (1938–2022)

Monika Kalin Golob: On stylistics and its meaning: linguistic discipline in 21st century society

Erika Kržišnik: Some common, dangerous and problematic features of the use of phraseology in media texts

Tina Lengar Verovnik: Interrogative addresses and other text formation strategies in interviews on the radio and in podcasts: a means of genre or a sign of conversationalisation?

Boštjan Udovič: »Rise o rise, my poor nation, trampled in the dust to this very day (Le vstani, vbôrni národ moj, do dánes v prah teptán)«: on the formation of diplomatic terminology in Slovenia, and its puzzles

Andreja Žele: Particles: dictionary description of their pragmatic power or role in communication

Tadeja Rozman: Responsibly with language – the social role of a linguistic-political portal


Sabrina P. Ramet: ”Spinoza, liberalism and ‘the class of 1632’

Gregor Potočnik: The legal status of alien combatants in the Ukrainian armed forces within the context of the international judicial reality



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