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The Summer School "Playful Knowledge" will take place at Počakovo pri Radečah from June 25 to June 27, 2024).

The short description and the objective of Summer School:
it will explore scientific and artistic, aesthetic and epistemic dimensions of games. Theories and practices of games are relevant today and they will become even more relevant in the future to explore cooperative and competitive modes of social interactions. Theories and practices of games are becoming today, and will be even more so in the future, an important factor not only for understanding our world but also for acting in this world.

Within the framework of the Summer School, participants will learn about theories and discourse that address the many phenomena of games and activities related to games, as well as the history of various means used in games. Great attention will be paid to the discussion of game theories as a tool for researching cooperative and competitive forms of social interactions and the processes of scientific understanding and artistic expression. Practical examples of various forms of video games that can play a role in the heuristics of scientific research and artistic expression will also be presented.

This is a topic that is addressing  students in social sciences and humanities who want to understand the connections between culture and science, aesthetics, and epistemology in understanding today's world  and also in changing it in a more in-depth and interdisciplinary manner.

Practical implementation and obligations: 
The Summer School will be conducted in English, with a lot of interactive work and discussions. It is also a unique opportunity for various forms of professional networking with lecturers and students from Germany, USA and other countries, who will also attend Summer School. The Summer School is valued at three credit points, and participants will prepare a short paper on a selected topic within the framework of this summer school as part of the recognized credits.

The lecturers who are organizing and leading  Summer School:

  • Prof. dr. Colin Milburn: a professor at University of California in the English Department, the Science and Technology Studies Department, and the Cinema and Digital Media Department. He is author of books on the relations of literature, science, and technology (Respawn: Gamers, Hackers, and Technogenic Life; Mondo Nano: Fun and Games in the World of Digital Matter; Practices of Speculation: Modeling, Embodiment, Figuration, etc.). His current research interests include video games, science fiction, gothic horror, the history of the new emerging technologies and the digital humanities. More about him on the link.
  • Prof. dr. Alfred Nordmann: a professor at University of Darmstadt in Department for Philosophy. He is author of books in philosophy of science and technology  (e.g. Wittgenstein’s Tractatus: An Introduction; Technikphilosophie zur Einführung; Converging Technologies: Shaping the Future of European Societies, etc.) His current reserach interests include the modalities of objective knowledge,  epistemological and aesthetic aspects of modern techno-sciences and logic of science. More about him on the link.  
  • Prof. dr. Felix Raczkowski: a professor at the University of Bayreuth. He is the author of numerous scientific contributions in the field of aesthetic theory and digital media, game theories and social media, and the cultural history of games. He has written many works on the theoretical and practical aspects of games, including the authorship of a fundamental monograph in the field titled "Digitalization of Play: Games, Gamification, and Serious Games." More about him on the link.
  • Prof. dr. Olga Markič: a professor at University of Ljubljana in the Department for Philosophy. She is author or co-author of books in English and Slovene ( Mind in nature: From Science to philosophy;  Philosophical insights about modern science;  Cognitive Science.)  Her current research interest include philosophy of cognitive science, logic, theory of argumentation and analytic philosophy. More about her on the link.
  • Prof. dr. Franc Mali: a professor at University of Ljubljana in the Department for Cultural Studies. He is an author of three books (in Slovenian language): Epistemology of Social Sciences; Science as Systemic Part of Society; Social and ethical aspects of development of modern science). His current research interests include (bio) ethical aspects of synthetic biology, critical social theory and hermeneutics, new emerging technologies and transhumanist societies of future. More about him on the link

The venue of Summer School: 
Vila (Pristava) Počakovo pri Radečah, which presents a cozy space in nature where people can think, dance, imagine, create, breathe, walk, work and contribute to a better world all while enjoying fresh produce & local cuisine, friendly people and crisp clear mountain air. You can explore more about the venue on their official webpage.

Expression of interest to participate at Summer School:
please contact Prof. Franc Mali for more information (e-mail:

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