Dr. Mojca Pajnik, Associate Professor

General Information
  • Dr. Mojca Pajnik, Associate Professor
      Phone: +386 1 58 05 228
      Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@kinjap.acjom
      Office Hours:
      Wednesday, 11.00-12.00
      DS 21

      Undergraduate courses
      Diploma seminar - KOM-MKŠ
      European public sphere
      Communication Systems
      Cultural and Media Globalization

      Graduate courses
      Master thesis
      International and intercultural communication
      Expert sphere:
      Citizenship, the public, globalization, international communication, alternative media, gender, migration
    • Mojca Pajnik obtained her PhD from communication at the Faculty of Social Sciences (2005) with the thesis on feminist interpretations on the notion of the public. She received her MSc in communication (2002) and BA in journalism (1998) at the same faculty. She has worked for eight years as a journalist at the regional newspaper Primorske novice, and has also appeared as a journalist at various magazines and one radio program. She used to be a volunteer at the Association for nonviolent communication. She was employee of the Open Society Institute and worked as head of programs on European integration. Since 2001 she has been researcher at the Peace Institute (PI) in Ljubljana. She was a young research fellow (2003-2005) and a postdoctoral fellow (2007-2009) there and is since 2010 scientific associate at this institute. Subjects of her research include the public, citizenship, globalization, alternative media, gender and migration. She is author of several scientific articles and has published and co-edited several books, among them Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration: Theory and Practice (ed. with F. Anthias, Palgrave, 2014), Alternative Media and the Politics of Resistance (ed. with J. D. H. Downing, PI, 2008) and Precariuos Migrant Work Across Europe (ed. with G. Campani, PI, 2011). She has appeared as researcher or lecturer at University of Helsinki, Central-European University, Budapest, University of Florence and University of Nijmegen. She has co-organized several international conferences, among the recent are The Power of Alternative Media: Experiences from South-East Europe (2012), Migrant Labour: Contested Integration, Prospects for Citizenship (2011). She has lead European projects and has been a partner in many. Currently she coordinates Digital citizenship (Slovenian Research Agency) and is partner at RAGE, Hate Speech and Populist Othering in Europe through the Racism, Age, Gender Looking Glass and E-eav, E-engagement Against Violence (EC) (http://www.engagementproject.eu/).
    • Articles

      -2014. Multikulturalizem pro et contra: kritika liberalne perspektive in populistično-demagoške denunciacije (Multiculturalism pro and con: A criticism of the Liberal Perspective and Populist-Demagogical Denunciation). Dve domovini / Two Homelands 39: 19-30.
      - 2013. Reconciling Paradigms of Prostitution through Narration. Društvena istraživanja 2: 257-276.
      - 2011. Marshall in državljanstvo: (ne)moč neke teorije. (Marshall and Citizenship: The Strength (or lack Thereof) of a Theory) Časopis za kritiko znanosti 39, 246: 69-181.
      - 2011. Narrating Belonging in the post-Yugoslav Context. Dve domovini / Two Homelands, 34, 111-125.
      - 2010. Media Framing of Trafficking. International Feminist Journal of Politics 12(1): 45-64.
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      - 2009. Brezdržavljanskost migrantov in pravica imeti pravico (Statelesness of Migrants and the Right to have Rights). Časopis za kritiko znanosti 238: 138-147.
      - 2009. with V. Bajt. Biografski narativni intervju: aplikacija na študije migracij (Biographical narrative interview: Application to migration studies). Dve domovini / Two Homelands 30: 69-89. http://isi.zrc-sazu.si/files/dd/DD_TH_30.pdf
      - 2007. Integration Policies in Migration Between Nationalizing States and Transnational Citizenship with Reference to the Slovenian case. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 33(5): 849-865.
      - 2006. Feministične interpretacije javnosti v Habermasovi teoriji. (Feminist Interpretations of the Public in Habermas's Theory) Javnost―The Public, Supplement 13: 21-36.
      - 2005. Citizenship and Mediated Society. Citizenship Studies 9(4): 349-367.


      Book chapters

       - 2014. Reconstructing Citizenship for the Future of Polity. In Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration: Theory and Practice, eds. F. Anthias, M. Pajnik, 102-121. Basingstoke, New York: Palgrave.
       - 2013. with V. Bajt. Civic Participation of Migrant Women: Employing Strategies of Active Citizenship. In Paradoxes of Integration: Female Migrants in Europe, eds. F. Anthias, M. Kontos, M. Morokvacis-Müller, 97-116. London: Springer.
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      - 2011. Impossibilities of Social Citizenship: on Statelessness of Migrants. In Security, Insecurity and Migration in Europe, ed. G. Lazaridis, 239-257. Farnham; Burlington: Ashgate.


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