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Dr. Mojca Pajnik, Professor

General Information
  • Dr. Mojca Pajnik, Professor
    Phone: +386 1 58 05 247
    Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@kinjap.acjom
    Office Hours:
    Monday 13.00-15.00
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    B 102

    Undergraduate courses
    Public sphere and power
    Communication systems
    Political Communication

    Graduate courses
    Alternative media
    Master's seminar
    Master thesis
    Expert sphere:
    media and communication, the public sphere, populism, citizenship, globalization, international communication, gender, migration
  • I obtained the PhD from communications at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) (2005) with the thesis on feminist interpretations on the notion of the public. I received my MSc in communication (2002) and BA in journalism (1998) from the same faculty. In my 20s I have worked for several years as a journalist. I was an employee of the Open Society Institute and worked as head of programs on European integration and East East: Partnership Beyond Borders Program.
    I have been an assistant professor at FSS (2010-2016), an associate professor (2017-2022) and I'm full professor since 2022. Since 2001 I have been a researcher at the Peace Institute in Ljubljana; I am senior research advisor at this institute since 2016.

    Focus areas of my research are media and communication, the public, populism, migration and gender. My bibliography includes 12 books, 50 original articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and more than 40 book chapters in edited volumes. The recent books include Media and Gender: Structures and Policies of Inequality (in Slovenian, ed with B. Luthar, FDV, 2019), Populism and the Web: Communicating Practices of Parties and Movements in Europe (ed. with B. Sauer, Routledge, 2017) and Contesting Integration, Engendering Migration: Theory and Practice (ed. with F. Anthias, Palgrave, 2014).

    I was a visiting researcher and lecturer at University of Helsinki, Central-European University, Budapest, University of Florence, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, Loughborough University, University of Nijmegen, University of Vienna. The international conferences that I have co-organized include After the Summer of Migration: Right-wing Populism, Media and Affect (2021), Gender Differentiation in Media Industry (2018), The Power of Alternative Media: Experiences from South-East Europe (2012) and Migrant Labour: Contested Integration, Prospects for Citizenship (2011). 

    I have lead European research projects and have been a partner in many. Recently I coordinated POPMED, Political and Media Populism: "Refugee Crisis" in Slovenia and Austria (Slovenian Research Agency, 2018-2021, I am currently leading the research program at the Peace Institute Equality and Human Rights in Times of Global Governance (Slovenian Research Agency, 2020-2023,, and I lead the team in Slovenia to Norface research project POPBACK, Populist Backlash, Democratic Backsliding, and the Crisis of the Rule of Law in the European Union (2021-2023,, Horizont 2020 FIERCE, Feminist Movements Revitalizing Democracy in Europe (2022-2025, and VolkswagenStiftung ECSEuro, Enacting Citizenship and Solidarity in Europe "From Below": Local Initiatives, Intersectional Strategies, and Transnational Networks (2022-2025, 

    I am an Editorial Board Member of Global Media and Communication; Journal of Alternative and Community Media; Migracijske i etničke teme (Migration and Ethnic Themes).

    I was awarded for scientific excellency by the FSS, University of Ljubljana in 2014. My co-authored article "Engendering Media Work: Institutionalizing the Norms of Entrepreneurial Subjectivities«, published in Journalism, was selected among the achievements »Excellent in Science 2021« by the Slovenian Research Agency.
  • Selected Articles in Scientific Journals

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    Selected Book chapters

    -- R. Kuhar, M. Pajnik. 2020. Populist mobilizations in re-traditionalized society: anti-gender campaigning in Slovenia. In Right-wing populism and gender: European perspectives and beyond, eds. G. Dietze, J. Roth, Bielefeld: Transcript, cop., 167-184.

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    Selected Books

    M. Pajnik, B. Sauer, eds. 2018. Populism and the Web: Communicative Practices of Parties and Movements in Europe, Abingdon, New York, Routledge.

    M. Pajnik, B. Luthar, eds. 2019. Mediji in spol: strukture in prakse neenakosti. (Media and Gender: Structures and Practices of Inequality), Ljubljana, FDV.

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    Personal bibliography