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Dr. Danica Fink-Hafner, Professor

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  • Dr. Danica Fink-Hafner, Professor
    Phone: +386 1 58 05 173
    Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@renfah-knif.acinad
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    Research Methods in Policy Analysis
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  • DANICA FINK-HAFNER, PhD (University of Ljubljana, 1990)

    Danica Fink-Hafner is an internationally recognised political scientist and professor of political parties, interest groups and policy analysis at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She has been the head of the Political Science Research programme group for a long time and led numerous national and international research projects. Among others, she was Vice Dean for Research, President of the Slovenian Political Science Association, and the first University of Ljubljana representative in the European Consortium for Political Research. As a recipient of the PECO and Fulbright scholarships, she was a visiting researcher at the European Public Policy Institute (University of Warwick, UK) and a high school teacher in Portland (Oregon, USA). Her research results have been published in/by internationally renowned journals and publishers.

    2004–2012: Head of Slovenian-Norwegian bilateral projects: 1) Building civic culture in the post‐Yugoslav region: The Slovenian case (2004–2005); 2) Challenges to Democratic Stability (2007–2009); 3) Norwegian‐Slovenian perspectives on the Challenges Facing Europe Today (2011–2012)

    2001 – Participation in several European projects, including FP project Organizing for Enlargement; the Network of Excellence: Civil Society and New Forms of Governance (CINEFOGO); Wider Europe, Deeper Integration? Constructing Europe (CONSENT) and the C.I.G. project (

    2013–2017: Head of the Doctoral Degree Committee at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    2011 – : Coordinator of the Doctoral Programme Policy Analysis and co-coordinator of the doctoral programme European Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    2009–2012: Member of the Executive Committee of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

    2005–2011: Member of the International Advisory Board of the first social science »ERA-NET« - NORFACE

    2004–2006: Member of the COST Technical Committee for the Social Sciences and Humanities

    2003–2005: President of the Committee for Postgraduate Studies at the UL

    1997–2017: Head of the Centre for Political Science Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    1997–1999: Vice-Dean of the Research Institute of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    1993–2011: Founder and Head of the Master study programme "Political Science: Policy analysis – European aspects" at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    1993–1999: Member of the editorial board of The Journal of European Public Policy (Routledge)

    1993–1995: Co-founder of the postgraduate study programme "Political Science: Public Administration« at the Faculty of Social Sciences, UL

    1991–1993: President of the Slovenian Political Science Association

    1991–1993: Founder and Head of the Division of Policy Analysis and Public Administration at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana (UL)

    1991: Head of the Association Process for the University of Ljubljana, which became the first post-socialist member institution to join the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR)

    1990s: Participation in establishing the ECPR standing groups on East Central Europe and Political Participation, Central European Political Science Association and the Journal of European Public Policy

    N5-0023 The organizational development of national interest groups in a European comparative perspective (1.10.2014–30.9.2018) Lead Agency collaboration between the Flemish and Slovenian Research

    BI-ME/16-17-009 Europeanisation of civil society in Montenegro and Slovenia (1.1.2016–31.12.2017) bilateral project;

    N5-0014 INTEREURO ( (2011–2014) European Science Foundation

    P5-0136 Political Science Research programme (1999-).

    2016–2018: Doctoral study at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb

    2002: Master studies at the University of Gorizia, Italy

    1996–1997: Visiting Scholar/Fulbright Scholar at Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA

    1993–1998: Visiting Lecturer in the framework of the international programme "Master in European Social Policy Analysis"-MESPA (Bath, Roskilde, Tilburg, Crete, Madrid, Lisbon, Ljubljana)

    1997 – : Research visits to NTNU, Trondheim, Norway; University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK; University of Sarajevo, Sarajevo, BiH; Foundation Open Society, Skopje, Macedonia; University of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro and Kabul, Afghanistan

    1993–1996: Visiting Professor at the European Public Policy Institute (PECO grant), University of Warwick, UK

    1991: Visiting Professor at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

    Journal of European Public Policy, European Journal of Political Research, Zeitschrift für Vergleichende Politikwissenschaft / Comparative Governance and Politics, Central European Political Science, Družboslovne razprave, Pregled

    Journal of European Public Policy, Journal for Political Research, Party Politics, Legislative Studies, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, East European Politics & Societies and Cultures, Europe-Asia Studies, Studies in Higher Education, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Common Market Studies, Journal of International Relations and Development, Journal of Public Affairs, Journal of Southeast European and Black Sea Studies

    My publications have appeared in the Slovenian, English, Croatian, Russian, Serbian, French and German languages.

    Among others, she has published with Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, New York; Ashgate; Routledge; Manchester University Press; Texas A&M University Press; Alma Mater, Bergen; Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden; Sigma, Berlin; Clarus Press, Dublin and Presses universitaires de Grenoble, Grenoble


    2018: Golden plaque of the University of Ljubljana for teaching and research excellence

    2011: Nomination for the national Zois award

    2008: Slovenian Political Science Association award for lifetime achievement for the development of political science in Slovenia

    2006, 2012: Nomination for the national award Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia

    1989: Nomination for the Kidric Fund for Young Researchers Award

    1988: University of Ljubljana Award for Academic Master Thesis


    September 2022

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