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Dr. Otto Gerdina, Teaching Assistant

General Information
  • Dr. Otto Gerdina, Teaching Assistant
    Phone: +386 1 58 05 311
    Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@anidreg.otto
    Office Hours:
    Office hours: Tuesdays from 14:30 to 16:00 in the CJMMK (ground floor).

    Undergraduate courses
    Sociology of art and culture

    Graduate courses
    Indicators of social development
    Expert sphere:
    Sociology of ageing
    Media representations of old age and ageing
    Old-age social exclusion
  • Otto Gerdina, PhD is a researcher at Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre in the field of sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV) University of Ljubljana (UL). He is currently working on two research projects: Everyday life and life course of old people living in poverty and Analysis of activities to raise health literacy of people with chronic diseases in Slovenia (ZaPiS). He specialises in tehniques for qualitative analysis of data such as content analysis, thematic coding, qualitative literature review, frame analysis and grounded theory.

    He worked as a teaching assistant at the Introduction to Sociology (FDV UL 2018/19) and is currently involved at the courses Educational Gerontology (Faculty of Arts, UL) and Indicators of Social Development (FDV, UL). His main research focus is on social aspects of old-age and ageing, including old-age exclusion, ageism, psychosocial development in old age and media representations of old age.

    In 2018-2020 he was an active member of the ROSE netwok (Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy, CA 15122) that responded to research, policy and societal challenges with respect to the social exclusion of older people in Europe. Currently he serves as a board memeber at Modra fakulteta at the University of Ljubljana and at RC11 Sociology of Aging at the International Sociologist Association. 

    He is a director of the OPRO, institute for applicative studies that specializes in tackling issues concerning population aging such as ageism, elder abuse, formal care etc. He edited several scientific monographies in the field of ageing that were published by OPRO: Old Age vol. I & II (Simone de Beauvoir), The Gerotranscendence (Lars Tornstam) and co-authored Growing Old Ain't for Sissies (a book on intimate partner violence in old age).

    In the last few years he presented his research finding at several national and international conferences (SSD, IAGG-ER, ESA); published several peer-reviewed scientific articles and chapters including Infantilisation Among Married Couples in Old age (2019); Measuring gerotranscendence in Slovenia : revision of the measurement instrument (2020); Gerotranscendence and marital relations in old age : the case of Mr. Metod (2020).

    For his work and achievements, he was awarded The Recognition of Potential for Young Sociologists (Slovene Sociological Association, 2018); University Prešeren Award (UL, 2017); Exceptional Achievements Award (UL, 2016); and The Recognition of Merit (FDV UL, 2015).
  • Most important works:

    GERDINA, Otto. Reprezentacije starosti v slovenskih dnevnih časopisih : doktorska disertacija. Ljubljana: [O. Gerdina], 2022. 240 str., ilustr., [COBISS.SI-ID 123235587]

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    GERDINA, Otto. Infantilisation among married couples in old age = Infantilizacija med poročenimi pari v starosti. Kairos : slovenska revija za psihoterapijo. [Tiskana izd.]. 2019, letn. 13, št. 3/4, str. 99-111. ISSN 1854-9373. [COBISS.SI-ID 36640605], [SNIP, Scopus]

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    GERDINA, Otto. Starizem in zdravstvo v Sloveniji : zaznave zdravja Ljubljančanov in drugih prebivalcev Slovenije v času epidemije koronavirusa = Ageism and health care in Slovenia : the perceptions of health among residents of Ljubljana and other residents of Slovenia in the times of the coronavirus epidemic. In: LIPIČ, Nikolaj (ed.). Ljubljana - starejšim prijazno mesto. Izboljšanje socialne vključenosti starejših v Mestni občini Ljubljana po pandemiji Covid-19. Ljubljana: Gerontološko društvo Slovenije, 2021. Str. 57-66, tabeli. ISBN 978-961-92650-8-6. [COBISS.SI-ID 85061635]

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