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  Izidor Natek, Teaching Assistant

General Information
  •   Izidor Natek, Teaching Assistant
    Phone: +386 1 58 05 366
    Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@ketan.rodizi
    Office Hours:

    B 106
    Expert sphere:
    social gerontology (informal care for older people, smart technologies for healthy and active ageing, telecare acceptance)
  • Izidor Natek is a Ph.D. student specializing in technology acceptance across diverse populations, focusing on the intersection of technology and society. With a bachelor's degree in Marketing communication and public relations, he brings a strong foundation in communication and marketing principles. His academic journey continued with a master's degree in Social informatics, refining his expertise in research methodologies and project management. His doctoral research focuses on telecare acceptance among informal caregivers of older people. Currently, as a young researcher and assistant at the Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana, he collaborates on various research topics in social informatics.
  • Complete personal bibliography: COBISS

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