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Dr. Anton Bebler, Professor Emeritus

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  • Dr. Anton Bebler, Professor Emeritus
      Phone: +386 1 58 05 327
      Email: is.jl-inu.vdf@relbeb.notna
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    • Anton Bebler, Professor of Political Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, studied at undergraduate and graduate levels in Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, USA, UK and France and earned his Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. He authored a dozen books in several languages, wrote chapters in numerous international compendia and several hundred articles in journals published in European, North and South American, Asian and African countries on various topics in the fields of international relations, international organizations, comparative political systems, military politics, African, Eastern European, Balkans and other regional studies. Anton Bebler has served as member of councils and boards of several international professional associations (ISA, IPSA, IUS et. al.), of several national and international editorial and advisory boards and panels. In 1991 - 1992 he founded and chaired the Slovenian Council of the European Movement, in 1992 – 1997 served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Slovenia at the UN Office in Geneva, in 1999 – 2003 as Vice-President of the Atlantic Treaty Association, in 2006 – 2009 as Member, Executive Council, International Political Science Association and since February 1998 he has been President of the Euro-Atlantic Council of Slovenia.