Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Our mission

The Faculty of Social Sciences is the largest interdisciplinary, public educational and research institution in Slovenia. With its rich academic human resources, its own research institute, central social sciences library and publishing house, it is developing an integration of sociological disciplines, creating an optimal synergy of modern sociological knowledge.

Our academic excellence is based on theoretical breadth, on empirical and methodological sharpness, on a close connection between empirical, scientific research and the teaching process, and on equal relations between everyone at the faculty.

Faculty stands out with its diverse study programs, which are based on an interdisciplinary mix of knowledge and comprehension from basic sociological disciplines. This mix is upgraded with thorough methodological-informative and specific knowledge, supplemented by a large share of selective content. These kinds of programs have shown to be an attractive choice for the best of students.

Based on European enlightenment tradition, the faculty nurtures the spirit of political and ideological independence, respect for diversity, autonomy and informal student relations. Therefore it is creating freethinking, socially critical, creative, communicative and enterprising young individuals, who contribute to the improvement of our society and with their knowledge enrich the universal nature of human value, preserving various value systems and cultural identities. 


To remain an attractive choice for the best in generations of students. To enable our graduates to remain among the most competitive on the market, but at the same time act as excellent social scientists.

We wish to become an even more visible and prestigious centre of social science education and research, both at home and abroad.

We wish to strengthen our creative academic community of autonomous individuals, whose work is based on the values developed by the Faculty of Social Sciences.