Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Reservation and ordering of material

Personal ordering of materials

You can order materials from the warehouse at the loan service. To order from the warehouse you need to fill out a form, which is available in the library.

Obrazec za narocanje 1 Order form 2

Online ordering of materials

To order materials you find in COBISS+, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be registered in a library.
  • Any obligations to the library must be settled (membership fees, penalties for delay, reminders ...)
  • Find the desired material in the COBISS+ catalog.
  • The correct number of the membership card and password for our COBISS+ must be entered. A password can be obtained in the library at a loan service.
  • If there is a free item in the results list, you reserve it; if all items are already borrowed you can choose any of them and reserve it.

A copy can be reserved by clicking on the button reserve1, right of the desired library material. When the reservation is made, reserved material is added to the list of materials, recorded under your name. This list can be viewed by clicking on My Library icon.

At the individual copies The following material statuses appear:

This copy of desired material is available. When reservation is confirmed the material is ordered and will be waiting in the library the next day from 9 am onwards.

This copy of desired material is available for in-library use. Reading room materials can not be reserved.

This copy of desired material is currently on loan. You can place a reservation on it by selecting it and clicking "Reserve". You will be notified on your e-mail when the copy is available for you.

Orders that are not taken after 3 days will be charged at current rates.

Software messages

a) after reservation:

  • "Selected materials will be waiting for in the library to xx.xx.xxxx."
  • "Rezervirali ste gradivo, ki ni prosto. Ko bo dostopno, vas bo knjižnica obvestila v skladu z načinom obveščanja. Rezervacija velja do xx.xx.xxxx." ali
    "Gradivo je rezervirano. Prosimo, da preverite, kdaj bo dostopno. Rezervacija velja do xx.xx.xxxx."

b) when the reservation is not possible:

- due to restrictions on the member:

  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker imate v knjižnici prepoved izposoje."
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker nimate dovoljenja za rezervacijo gradiva prek COBISS+a."
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker je vaše članstvo poteklo."
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker niste poravnali svojih obveznosti do knjižnice."
    (član ni poravnal dolgov v enem od oddelkov, npr. zamudnina, opomini)
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker je potekel rok izposoje vsaj pri enem izvodu."
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker lahko rezervirate le določeno število izvodov: "

- due to limitations in the literature:

  • "Gradivo ste si že izposodili dne xx.xx.xxxx."
  • "Gradivo ste že rezervirali dne xx.xx.xxxx."
  • "Gradiva si ne morete rezervirati v oddelku <št. oddelka>."
    (član si lahko izposoja gradivo samo v oddelku, kjer je vpisan)
  • "Rezervacija ni možna, ker je gradivo že rezerviralo določeno število članov."
    (najvišje možno število rezervacij je določeno za vsako knjižnico posebej)
  • "Napaka pri rezervaciji gradiva: <opis napake>."
    (tehnična napaka pri izvedbi rezervacije)