Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Instructions for "My Library" web application

What is "My library"?

"My Library" web application in COBISS+ provides an overview, extension and ordering of material, review and debt limits, e-mail address changes, settings for electronic notification, password changes for COBISS+, and remote access.

Changing the password for access to My Library

A member receives a link to set a password at enrolment. If a member forgets the password, he must contact the library to resend the password reset link.
Password allows students and employees of Faculty of Social Sciences remote access to information resources as well.
The means of access to resources (username) is not the same as the password for the application at computer (PGina), which is maintained in an FSS Web office.

Review of outstanding claims and limitations 

If a member can not extend the loan period or book materials this is probably caused by outstanding claims or other restrictions, which you can view by clicking the link Debts and restrictions: 

  • List of outstanding obligations
    These are financial obligations of the member to the library that are not yet settled. If they have borrowed material, which is already overdue, the current amount of demurrage appears (i.e. demurrage, which they would have to pay today if today this material was returned).
  • Specific restrictions
    These are constraints set by the library to its members for various reasons. Depending on the type of restrictions, certain services provided by the library are inaccessible on the online COBISS/+ application. For example, if a member has been placed on the "prevented rent" restriction, he can't extend the loan period or book material. The "lost card" restriction is informative and does not affect the ability of web services and libraries.
  • General restrictions set by the library according to the internal rules of business:
    - maximum number of borrowed copies (took home) (15 units)
    - maximum number of borrowed copies in the reading room (15 units)
    - maximum number of reservations (5)
    - number of possible extensions of the loan period for each copy (11)

Electronic information services 

ODKJG allows its members the option to receive messages on their e-mail addresses and mobile phones. In "My Library", a member can enter or change email address by clicking the Change link or e-mail address.

Types of notifications

  • Notice on expiry of the reservation
    At the expiry of the reservation library can delete the reservation and send a notice. 
  • Notice on availability of your reserved material
    Upon arrival of the material that was borrowed at the time of reservation, the library can send the member a notice about the waiting material.
  • Notice on impending expiry of the loan period
    Before the expiry of the loan period, library can send a notification to its member. How many days before the expiration of the loan period the member will get the notice, depends on the library (default 3 days). The loan period can be extended by a member in COBISS+ online application until it expires.
  • Notice on impending incitement
    After the expiry of the loan period, library can send a notice of impending incitement if the borrowed material is not returned. How many days before the expiration of the loan period the member will get the notice, depends on the library (default 3 days).
  • Notice on the expiry of membership
    Prior to the expiration of membership a library member can be notified. It depends on the particular library (default 0 days), how many days before the member will get this notice.
  • General library notices are sending only by e-mail. Library members can send various topics related to business, events, etc.. (eg. exhibitions).

Option to cancel reservations

In the list of reserved materials a member can revoke the reservation of material:

  • which is currently on loan to another member (member is in the queue)

Display the current location in the queue for reserved material

In the list of reserved materials the column "Reservation status" lists the current position in the queue.

Transmission of orders for interlibrary loan

Materials for interlibrary loan can be ordered directly from the COBIB.SI catalogue: When you find the desired material, click on "Interlibrary loan" that connects you to the My Library service. After checking the data on the material, your personal data is automatically transferred, you do not need to enter it manually. Please check your address for notification.