Skoči do osrednje vsebine


Library members have at their disposal the following facilities: 178 reading room seats, 15 PC's, 1 scanner, a text magnifier for near-sighted users and two photocopy machines.
Four Samsung tablets and two laptop computers can be borrowed to use inside the library. Eight study carrels and Group work room can be booked by FSS students and personnel via FSS Web office.


Members can send documents for printing via e-mail to Printed documents can be claimed at the loan counter. Printing is charged according to the price list.

IT equipment usage regulations

Library PCs, Samsung tablets and library laptop computers can be used for academic purposes and in accordance with ARNES network usage rules and University's Metulj network usage rules. Library members are allowed to connect to the internet for academic purposes. It is not allowed to use access to the internet for entertainment, or any kind of commercial purposes. PCs in the study carrels and in the computer room can be used with Eduroam password (next chapter). PCs to the left of the loan counter are for public usage, to access the COBISS+ catalogs.

Wireless internet access

Library offers wireless internet access via Eduroam network. Slovenian Eduroam users can connect with every Eduroam network in Slovenia or abroad (Eduroam map). Usernames and passwords for Eduroam are the same as the ones for FSS Web office. Instructions for connection are available at FSS Help desk.

Samsung tablet and laptop loan

Four Samsung tablets and two laptop computers can be borrowed for "in-library" use. Loan of these items is limited to 1 day. Devices (with bags or slip sleeves) must be returned until 15 minutes before library's closing time. Auxiliary equipment (e.g. AC chargers, headphones) must be borrowed separately if needed.
Before the loan, members sign a statement (archived at the loan counter) where they state under criminal and substantive law that they will compensate the device in case of inappropriate handling, damage, loss or theft.

You can send your suggestions about which applications or materials you would like on the devices to

Any activity that is considered as inadmissible use of Metulj network is forbidden: 

  1. Unauthorized acquisition of access and use of unauthorised access to the network.
  2. E-mail advertising and sending of chain e-mails.
  3. Use of network access for commercial purposes.
  4. Intentional disturbance of the network and preventing other users to work normally via the network. 
  5. Destroying and modification of data owned by other users.
  6. Breach of confidentiality or publication of data owned by other users.
  7. Publication and exchange of data which violates the copyright.
  8. Creation, diffusion or publication of offensive or pornographic data.
  9. Giving false or misleading personal information to network services who need that kind of information for their normal operation.
  10. Use of services which are not meant for public usage.
  11. Use of programs or procedures which intentionally or consequentially destabilize computers, computer systems or networks.

Usage of computers is monitored due to security reasons and to inspect if the equipment is being used in accordance with the usage rules. 

The user who will not use computers in accordance with the usage rules will be dealt with by library or IT presonnel as follows:

  1. user receives a warning,
  2. if inappropriate use of computer continues the use of library computers will be forbidden, 
  3. if violation of usage rules is conducted often and is continuous, disciplinary measures will be taken.

If you have doubts about the rules please consult with a librarian.

Reproduction of material

Library members can use the scanner which is connected to the computer on the left of the loan counter. Scanned documents should be saved to the USB flash drive. Library does not take any responsibility for safety of documents. Library materials can only be reproduced according to Slovene legal rules (Zakon o avtorski in sorodni pravici) and in accordance with the general rules of the library.