Skoči do osrednje vsebine

Behavior in the reading room


Larger pieces of luggage shouldn't be brought to the library. Instead they should be stored in wardrobe closets together with redundant clothing items. The use of wardrobe closets is free of charge. You can borrow the wardrobe keys at the loan counter with your library member card.

Drinks and smoking

If you're studying in the library you're allowed to bring in a smaller quantity of non-alcoholic beverage in a closed container. Snacks and light meals can be enjoyed on the terrace. Smoking in the library is prohibited.


Loud conversation is not allowed in the main reading room, because it is intended for studying. Conversations and group work can be held at the terrace or at the international reading room.

Usage of mobile phones is not allowed in the library. 


Electronic anti-theft system is used to secure the library material. Library quarters are monitored with CCTV.