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Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan is a library service that allows library members to access material that we do not have in our library collection or is currently borrowed. At the same time the material from our library collections is forwarded to other Slovenian libraries.

Material for interlibrary loan can be ordered in several ways:
  • Directly from the COBISS+ catalogue; when you find the desired material, click on "Interlibrary loan", that connects you to the My Library service. After logging in, the data on the material and your personal data is automatically transferred and you do not need to enter it manually. Please check the address for communication.
  • By email: illodklj(at)
  • Personally at the ODKJG loan service.
  • We also provide custom purchase of individual articles through the Subito service (order form).
The interlibrary loan is a paid service which is charged according to the price list. The condition to order materials via Subito service is that a member has no unsettled financial liabilities to ODKJG.
Subito service encompasses loan of the material and purchase of copies or electronic transmission of documents. In case of cancellation, a client pays any costs incurred.

Delivery time of material (for members and partners) is 2 to 5 working days. In exceptional cases, the delivery time may be extended. The member receives and returns the material at the loan service in ODKJG.

The borrowing of material, and the possibility of extending is determined by the supplier library. You can forward the cancellation of orders and requests for loan renewals to:
Payment of a late return and compensation for damaged or lost materials is charged by each library according to its price list.

Data for invoicing:
University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Social Sciences
Kardeljeva ploščad 5
1000 Ljubljana 
Ident. No. for VAT: SI47607807

Address of the recipient of material:
Jože Goričar Central Social Sciences Library
Interlibrary loan
Kardeljeva ploščad 5
1000 Ljubljana

Anja Leben 
Phone: 01 5805 152

Janez Brus
Phone: 01 5805 158