Registration and Circulation

Entrance to the library and viewing material

Entrance to the library and usage of materials in the reading room is free. To borrow material, to use the computers and to study in the library, you must be enrolled in the library.

Library registration form for students of UL or for other users can be filled, printed and signed at home in order to shorten registration time at the circulation desk.

Online registration

In the library is also possible online enrollment for students of UL with digital student identity. Annual membership fee is already paid at enrollment at the faculty.

Assistance in finding materials

Users can find material in catalogues and on the shelves in free access. For advice on finding, contact the librarians - informants at the information desk or the borrower.


Material you want to take home, you can borrow at "knjigomat" or the lending desk and return it there. Reading room material is intended only for use in the reading room and you can not take it home. Such material has a C code before the call number, and a red dot on the label. Rent and return of copies can not be modified/extended at the "knjigomat".

If the material is borrowed for a longer period of time (e.g. 30.9.20xx), come to the library or send an e-mail with a request that you would like to borrow certain material (with the data). The library will notify the person who has borrowed the book, and notify you of the possibility of borrowing.

Please, do not dispose of materials borrowed through the library or somewhere else irresponsibly, because you're also loaning the responsibility for it.