• Foundation of the EARL

    The EARL was created by two members of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Social Sciences. An agreement to this effect was signed on 17 May 2016.

  • The purpose of the EARL

    The purpose of the EARL is to promote understanding and knowledge of East Asian region among scholars, practitioners, students and interested public from all corners of the world.

  • Location

    Find your way to the Central Social Sciences Library (map) - our front desk will guide you to the EARL.

About EARL

East Asia Resource Library (EARL) is a central reference point for the researchers of East Asian languages and cultures. EARL assures wide accessibility to the unique collection of digitalized primary sources, data, printed books and electronic sources available online in languages of the East Asian region, English and other world languages. The main purpose of the EARL is to facilitate a wider East-Asian network of institutions contributing literature and other teaching resources, with a view to promoting understanding between nations from the region and the local, but also regional interested public, students, and faculty. EARL hosts open events (lectures, presentations, round tables) focusing on subjects of relevance for participating partners and of interest to both Slovenian and international public. EARL publishes an occasional Newsletter on the previous and forthcoming events.

The EARL consists of four sections, to which Capital Library of China, Taiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies, and institutions from Japan and Korea contribute: China Corner Reading BeijingJapan CornerKorea CornerTaiwan Resource Centre for Chinese Studies.

The EARL Research Unit and its collaborators publish occasional papers on issues related to East Asia. For the collection visit here.

The Japan Foundation grant for EARL

We are thrilled that the Japan Foundation has decided to support the Japan Corner in the EARL through the Grant Program for Japanese Studies Projects for fiscal year 2020-2021.

10. July 2020 | EARL

Successfully conducted panel 'EU-China Strategic Outlook'

In order to gain new insights and perspectives on the future of EU-China relations, a panel within the MUN Salient 2020 conference was organised on June 29, 2020, by the MUN Club Slovenia, titled 'EU-China: Strategic Outlook'. Speakers on the panel included Ms. Nina Pejič, Head of Research Unit at the East Asia Resource Library and Young Researcher at the Centre of International Relations, the Ambassador of the EU to China, HE Nicolas Chapuis, and Mrs. Katja Geršak, Executive Director of the Centre for European Perspective.

2. July 2020 | EARL

Nihon Kokusei Zu-e 2019/2020 published

JapanKnowledge Lib has published the 'Nihon Kokusei Zu-e (Graphs and Tables of Japan's National Census) 2019/2020 edition' today, on July 1st, 2020. As a data book, Nihon Kokusei provides a clear, organised and easy-to-understand commentary on Japan's social and economic situation.

1. July 2020 | EARL

Successfully conducted webinar: The Taiwan model for pandemic management and lessons for Slovenia

During the recent outbreak of Covid-19, many countries came under the spotlight due to their (in)efficient response to the virus. Taiwan was expected to have one of the toughest crisis related to the virus due to its proximity and ties to China, where the outbreak caused a complete lockdown of Wuhan. However, defying these expectations, Taiwan kept the number of cases low. How was Taiwan able to keep its number of infections and deaths so low? How will the Covid-19 crisis affect Taiwan's standing in the international community and its future?

9. June 2020 | EARL


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