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Teorija in praksa: Special Issue / 2022



At the 60th anniversary of the study and research of political science in Slovenia Teorija in praksa journal presents its special issue. It includes articles by authors who present and analyse individual aspects of the past development of political science as a study and research and its epistemological realisation as a specific science of politics in relation to other social science disciplines.


Igor Lukšič, Anton Grizold: Humanising Politics: 60 Years of Political Science in Slovenia

Igor Lukšič: Political Science in the Republic of Slovenia: 60 Years of Institutionalisation

Cirila Toplak: Slovenian Political Science and Political Science Associations

Jernej Pikalo: The Evolution of Political Theory in Slovenia

Anton Bebler: Defence Studies as a Discipline Within the Slovenian Political Science

Drago Zajc: Political Science During the Last Crises 

Marko Hočevar: Contemporary Political Science and the Capitalist Mode of Production 

Andrej A. Lukšič: Political Science Facing New Challenges: Reconceptualisation in Response to Environmental Damage?

Žiga Vodovnik: The Shape of Political Science to Come: The State and Prospects of the Discipline

Tomaž Pušnik: Political Science Reflection of Power in a Deliberative Democracy and its Agonist Critics

Marinko Banjac: Education on Politics in Times of Permanent Uncertainty: Political Science’s Reflection

Albin Igličar: The Intersection of Politics, Law, Political Science and Jurisprudence

Janko Prunk: The History of Slovenian Political Ideas

Dejan Verčič: At the Beginning and End of Democracy is the Word: On Political and Communication Sciences


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