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Teorija in praksa 4/2022

The last issue of Teorija in praksa journal for 2022 comprises 10 articles, 7 in Slovenian and 3 in English language. The articles foreground the discus about the marketing communications, teamwork, modern social science research, how spatial values connect to political preferences and the spatial system of Slovenia, rationality of modern politics, Western representations of China, the war in Ukraine, economic crises and labour market policies and more.



Maja Konečnik Ruzzier, Nuša Petek, Mojca Bavdaž: Relationships between electronic word-of-mouth, advertising and dimensions of consumer-based brand equity

Peter Cimprič, Samo Pavlin: Understanding the teamwork of young human resource managers

Vasja Vehovar, Gregor Čehovin: Challenges of using nonprobability online panels in social research

Matjaž Uršič, Jernej Tiran: The influence of space on voting behaviour: analysis of the urban–rural division on the example of elections to the national assembly between 1996 and 2022

Jure Spruk: Rationality of modern politics: comprehending the core of politics

Nina Pejič: Discursive representations of the ‘west’s’ international relations with China

Mirt Komel: Literature of the plague in a pandemic era: Homer’s Iliad, Boccaccio’s Decameron, Camus’ the Plague


Marko Hočevar: A paradigmatic shift? Economic crises and labour market policies on the EU’s (semi-)periphery

Boško Picula, Đana Luša: The biden doctrine and the war in Ukraine: Renewed transatlantic relations or reatlantisation between a strategic and a situational partnership?

Jože Damijan, Črt Kostevc, Tjaša Redek: : The gravity of tobacco smuggling. predicting bilateral illicit cigarette flows from aggregate data


Peter Stanković: Simbolni imaginarij sodobne slovenske narodnozabavne glasbe (Robert Bobnič)

Michael Colborne: From the Fires of War: Ukraine’s Azov Movement and the Global Far Right (Klemen Kocjančič)


Gregor Lesjak (1965–2022) (Aleš Črnič) 1019–1022


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