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Teorija in praksa 2/2022

After The nearly six decades of publishing the Teorija in praksa, the scientific journal reached a point in its development where certain changes dictated a partial change in the journal’s editorial structure: LETTER FROM THE EDITORS.

The summer issue with 5 english and 3 slovenian articles offers reading on topics as: the new international economic order, research issues in the higher education, human sociality, populism in Slovenia, response to civilian crises, homosexually-oriented members of the slovenian armed forces …




Marjan Svetličič: Lessons of the New International Economic Order for the Contemporary World Economy

Danica Fink-Hafner, Tamara Dagen, Mitja Hafner-Fink: Research Issues in the Higher Education Field in Times of Challenged Globalisation

Lydia Nyankom Takyi, Vannie Naidoo, Courage Simon Kofi Dogbe: Exploring the Relationship Between Government Institutional Support and Export Strategic Performance

Žiga Velkavrh, Aljaž Ule: Indicators of Human Sociality in Slovenia and the Netherlands: Evidence from Experiments with Students

Marko Lovec, Faris Kočan, Melika Mahmutović:The ‘Brussels Bubble’: Populism in Slovenia in the EU Crises Context



Marjan Malešič: The Role of NATO and the EU in Response to Civilian Crises

Rudi Klanjšek: Housing Issues and Self-Assessed Health Among Slovenian Youth in the Context of Unfavourable Subjective and Structural Conditions

Pavel Vuk, Saša Galičič: Social Diversity in Light of the Inclusiveness of Homosexually-Oriented Members of the Slovenian Armed Forces



Andrej Benedejčič: Rusija in Slovanstvo med velikodržavnostjo in vzajemnostjo (Boštjan Udovič)


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