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Book presentation in the EARL: Creativity in Tokyo – Revitalizing a Mature City

December 1st 2020: Ljubljana/Tokyo

The EARL was proud to be the venue for the virtual presentation of the book by Matjaž Uršič and Heide Imei, which took place on 1st December 2020.

The launch of the book, which was published by Palgrave this year, has started with a short introduction of the motivation for research that has formed the basis for this book. Of particular interest to the audience was an overview of the case studies and locations (Tokyo neighbourhoods) that were analysed in the book. In the discussion about the book plethora of themes related to urban creativity were raised and followed an interesting exchange of opinions between the authors and discussants.The themes involved an elaboration of dialectic qualities of creative environment (social/physical production of (creative) space), the role of creativity in urban development on local, regional and national scale, the problem of how to measure, evaluate the impacts and roles of creative revitalization. The discussion ended with a critical reflection on policy application with regard to urban creativity and smart cities. 

Congratulations to the authors!


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