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Information systems and communications

Informacijski sistemi in komunikacije

Obligatory literature

1. Unit of obligatory literature:

Author: Saaty, Thomas L.
Title: Fundamentals of decision making and priority theory with the analytic hierarchy process »
Edition: 2nd ed., 2nd printing
Publishing: Pittsburgh (PA) : RWS Publications, 2006
ISBN: 0-9620317-6-3; 978-0-9620317-6-2
COBISS.SI-ID: 32846941 - Record/s in the catalog ODKJG »

2. Unit of obligatory literature:

Author: Vidmar, Tone
Title: Računalniška omrežja z internetnimi storitvami »
Edition: 1. natis
Publishing: Ljubljana : Pasadena, 2013
ISBN: 978-961-6661-25-6
COBISS.SI-ID: 258505728 - Record/s in the catalog ODKJG »
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Additional literature

1. Unit of additional literature:

Author: Tanenbaum, Andrew S.; Wetherall, David
Title: Computer networks »
Edition: 5th ed., Pearson new international ed.
Publishing: Harlow : Pearson, cop. 2014
ISBN: 978-1-292-03718-9
COBISS.SI-ID: 28086019 - Record/s in the catalog ODKJG »
Notes: Dostop za FDV za enega uporabnika
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