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Trial access to Japanese database Yomidas Rekishikan

Yomidas Rekishikan, from The Yomiuri Shimbun, is a digital archive covering the entire history of newspaper publishing in Japan. The Meiji, Taisho & Showa Eras section contains high-quality scans of the articles as they appeared during these periods. The Heisei & Reiwa Eras section provides articles in a convenient text view, as well as a clipping view of the original article. Japan News catalogs articles which appeared in our English publication. Contemporary Who's Who allows searching of individuals to retrieve data about them as well as relevant articles. And finally, regional articles and pages from the Showa era can be found in the optional Regional Sections (Showa Era) feature.

Articles are conveniently tagged with keywords for easy retrieval of relevant stories. In cases where language usage has changed, the articles are tagged with the modern readings and characters in addition to the original usages.

Access link (please allow a few seconds for the database to load)

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