The library’s reading rooms will reopen on June 8 2020

Use of the library’s reading rooms:

  • Users should not stop in front of the entrance to the library / reading rooms.
  • To avoid close contact, users must follow the directions to free space. Care must be taken to maintain a sufficient interpersonal distance at all times.
  • In the reading room, the difference between the study places is at least 1.5 m. Users should not move the chairs around the room.
  • The use of masks is mandatory in all cases where the safety distance of at least 1.5 meters cannot be observed.
  • When the place is vacated, the staff will disinfect the surfaces (table, chair), so we ask that when the user leaves the reading room, they tell the staff which place has been vacated.
  • A limited number of computers and terminals are in use.
  • The daily newspaper and magazines are not used until further notice, no lockers are used, the library terrace, computer room and study cells are closed.
  • Users should touch surfaces and object as little as possible and avoid leafing through books. If this cannot be observed, the users should disinfect their hands properly beforehand. 
  • Library materials that have been touched should be placed on trolleys.

Please read the following instructions for library users:

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