Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Films Restored

Taiwan’s Lost Commercial Films: Restored
A virtual tour of film classics and a conversation with film experts
April 15 - 22, 2021

Taiwanese classics are a valuable rarity due to historical circumstances. Policies of Japanization, Sinization, and martiallaw have for many years crippled the development of local Taiwanese culture and identity. Although around 1,100 films in the local Taiwanese language (i.e. taiyupian 台 語 片) were made in Taiwan between the mid-1950s and the late 1970s, the latter were largely forgotten due to small budgets and non-existent archives. Namely, the government under Chan-kai supported exclusively films in standard Chinese, described the local Taiwanese culture as vulgar and deliberately despised it. Fortunately, about 200 Taiwanese film classics have been preserved, and the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute (TFAI) has been diligently restoring and equipping them with English subtitles since 2013. Two films in different genres, spy drama and comedy, will be presented to the Slovenian audience in April as part of the Taiwan Lost Commercial Films European tour, and will offer us valuable glimpses from Taiwan's past.

Registration: Everyone who registers by April 15, 2021 at info@tajvan.si will receive a free link (Vimeo) to watch both films at any time between April 15 and 22.

On April 22, at 4.30 pm, a relaxed one-hour conversation with the film experts will follow: prof. Chris Berry (King's College London) and dr. Wafa Ghermani (Cinémathèque Française). The conversation will take place in English via a zoom link (ID: 923 9764 2961).


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