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Successfully conducted panel 'EU-China Strategic Outlook'

The relations between China and the EU have recently been put on the spot. Although both have been cooperating closely in several areas, many issues remain, due to the differences in values, norms, law as well as business practices. The relations in question are crucial not only for the functioning and the future of the international community, but also for both, the EU and China, as well as their future. In order to gain new insights and perspectives on the future of EU-China relations, a panel within the MUN Salient 2020 conference was organised on June 29, 2020, by the MUN Club Slovenia, titled 'EU-China: Strategic Outlook'. Speakers on the panel included Ms. Nina Pejič, Head of Research Unit at the East Asia Resource Library and Young Researcher at the Centre of International Relations, the Ambassador of the EU to China, HE Nicolas Chapuis, and Mrs. Katja Geršak, Executive Director of the Centre for European Perspective.

The discussion focused on three main focus fields within the EU-China relations – trade and economy, digitalisation and technological developments, and norms and values. First, all speakers were addressed with the first question of how they perceive current issues (which are they) - according to the speaker’s background. Moving on, the economic outlook was discussed more – specifically, the future of trade between EU and China, in light not only of the obvious Covid-19 crisis, but also the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the 17+1 Platform. Furthermore, as China’s technological abilities continue to grow, the discussion touched upon the prevailing sentiments towards 5G and other Chinese projects in Europe, how this will impact future relations – political, as well as economic and diplomatic. Lastly, the question of norms and values was brought up. The perceived similarities and differences when it come to systems of values, norms and law in the EU and China can present an obstacle to future relations as well. The speakers thus discussed whether the EU will take on a tougher stance against China or not.

The panel concluded successfully with questions from the audience, which shed more light on the values debate, privacy concerns connected to technological development, and the future of Chinese investment in the EU.


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