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Nihon Kokusei Zu-e 2019/2020 published

JapanKnowledge Lib has published the 'Nihon Kokusei Zu-e (Graphs and Tables of Japan's National Census) 2019/2020 edition' today, on July 1st, 2020.

As a data book, Nihon Kokusei provides a clear, organised and easy-to-understand commentary on Japan's social and economic situation. This is done by employing statistical tables and graphs based on on materials published by government-related organizations, such as ministries, agencies and other public offices, as well as materials resulting from surveys and research conducted by all kinds of industrial organizations and think tanks. In addition to graphs and statistical tables, each chapter contains a commentary, an explanation of terminology, and articles on a wide range of topics in order to deepen understanding. International comparisons of important themese are provided as well in each chapter  in order to enable the overview of Japan's economy in the context of globalization. Finally, important long-term statistics from which trends since the end of the Second World War can be accessed, and statistics for each prefecture that enable a comparison of Japan's major administrative districts are also provided.

The data that can be found in the yearbook encompasses a wide range of themes, such as the national territory and climate, population, labor force, agriculture and agricultural produce, all types of industries, commerce, finance, monetary conditions and the people's livelihoods. 

The JapanKnowledge edition enables heading searches for the titles of graphs and tables as well as full text searches for material sources and annotations.

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