King Sejong Institute in Slovenia

The University of Ljubljana is celebrating another milestone from 9 June 2021. On this day, it became the host of the King Sejong Institute (KSI), the first such institution in Slovenia. Since 2012, the King Sejong Foundation has been establishing language and cultural institutes under the motto “Little Korea in Every Part of the World”. The core mission of these institutions is to disseminate information about Korea, its history and culture, and promote the learning of the Korean language.

Indeed, the interest in the Korean language grows fast, also in Slovenia. In the competition of 85 applicants eager to establish the KSI only a third of the applications were successful this year, and only two representatives of the successful applicants had the special honour of participating in person in the virtual announcement of the results. One of the two representatives was Professor Igor Papič, the Rector of the University of Ljubljana. The event was attended by the Korean Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Mr. Hwang Hee, who for more than 15 minutes spoke with Rector Igor Papič about the successful application. 

Special thanks for the success of the application goes to Dr Hyeonsook Ryu, the initiator of the effort to make sure that the KSI gets its home in Slovenia as well, which will enrich the wide array of opportunities that the EARL offers to its visitors all over the world. We will keep you informed about the activities and opportunities offered by KSI, especially about the beginning of its activities in September.



Professor Igor Papič and Minister Hwang Hee during the discussion about the establishment of the KSI at the University of Ljubljana


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