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Elsevier Spring/Summer 2024 webinar schedule

Elsevier is pleased to announce their schedule of webinars and “drop-in” sessions, each developed to share insights with researchers, research managers and librarians towards advancing their work.

The webinars usually run for an hour, and the recordings are available at the convenience of your schedule – simply register to get the recording. A list of upcoming regional live sessions and past webinar recordings is available on the Elsevier Online Training Hub, but here is a preview of upcoming events conducted in English for researchers in Central & Eastern Europe as well as a designated series of trainings for the academic community of Slovenia.

Professional Development Webinars

Slovenia Series

03 June, 11:30 CET

Information Resources for Doing Research and More: Overview

The webinar will introduce the variety of Elsevier's research information, databases, tools and other resources, available to the Slovenian academic community, with a focus on the everyday needs  of a researcher. The 60 minute training will be packed with practical skill and tips that will help you navigate ever-changing academic publishing landscape, discover growing trends, get more visible, make better decisions for your career and your organisation based on data, and more.

04 June, 15:00 CET

Staying up-to-date in Your Field

This webinar will help researchers at different career levels harness the toolkit of analytical solutions based on Scopus data. With the worflows and tips presented, you will spend less time searching for relevant research documents, be better informed on the most impactful studies in your field of interest, and more likely to discover hidden gems to inspire you for a breakthrough study.

05 June, 11:30 CET

Which Academic Journal Should I Publish in?

Choosing an academic journal might get challenging and tedious. This webinar will equip you with the necessary tools to do an efficient search for journals to submit your manuscript to and make an optimal choice. We will learn about multiple ways to compare journals and their features to factor in before making your final decision, such as relevance, excellence, impact, turnaround time, and more.

06 June, 11:30 CET

Research Assessment: Understanding Common Academic Metrics and Latest Trends

This webinar will elaborate on the variety of research assessment metrics, used for evaluation of individual research outputs, as well as researchers, institutions, and entire countries, as well as understanding academic landscape changes, ranking universities and journals, and many more purposes. We will discover the algorithms behind some of the most used research evaluation metrics, recent changes in their use, and trends within the global academic community.

07 June, 11:30 CET

Elsevier Open Office

Have you got any questions about publishing with Elsevier, Scopus data, our solutions for various areas research or something else? Would you like us to analyse your case and find a solution together? Join Our Open Office call!

Central & Eastern Europe Regional Trainings

15 May, 11:00 CET

Reaxys Monthly: training and "open office"

Reaxys monthly meeting where we will show various functionalities of Reaxys. The idea of the meeting is to interact with participants, who are encouraged to ask questions and propose search topics. If there will be no questions or topic proposals, we will continue with the training covering all areas of chemistry and related sciences.

16 May, 10:00 CET

Engineering innovation in record time. Discover Knovel

Optimize your technical expertise with Knovel 1/2: Introduction to Knovel. Perform Quick, Advanced and Property searches. Set up alerts and share relevant content in a team folder. Benefit of newsfeed, equations, tables, unit converter and interactive graphs.

22 May, 10:00 CET

Article Search and Reference Management

This webinar will equip researchers with essential skills for efficient literature search and reference management. Participants will learn about different approaches to searching literature in Scopus and ScienceDirect and saving the literature they would like to revisit and cite in their own research with Mendeley.

23 May, 10:00 CET

Solve complex engineering problems. Explore Knovel

Optimize your technical expertise with Knovel 2/2: Hands on workshop. Introduction to Knovel. Live Workshop – Demo of relevant functionalities. Hands on workflows for participants.

28 May, 10:00 CET

Discover ScienceDirect Topics

Familiarise yourself with new concepts and unfamiliar terms while reading scientific literature without leaving the text. Explore ScienceDirect Topics and find all the advantages of this tool. ScienceDirect Topics uses cutting-edge technology to help increase your understanding of the information you read. During the webinar, we will demonstrate the practical implications for scientists, students and academics.

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