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EARL Welcomes a New Book!

The East Asia Resource Library (EARL) invites you to an introduction of the book written by Matjaž Uršič and Heide Imai, titled

Creativity in Tokyo – Revitalizing a Mature City

The book, which was published by Palgrave this year, will be discussed by the authors, on Tuesday, 1 December 2020, at 10 am Ljubljana time, on the following link:">

Meeting ID: 945 2151 5333


The authors will discuss the research findings that have led to the publication of the book, and will be happy to answer questions from the audience. 

The event will be moderated by prof. dr. Zlatko Šabič

We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

About the book

The book focuses on overlooked contextual factors that constitute the urban creative climate or innovative urban milieu in contemporary cities. Filled with reflections based on interviews with a diverse range of creative actors in various local neighborhoods in Tokyo, it offers a rare glimpse into the complex set of elements that provide long-term, physical, and sociocultural support to urban creativity. Ursic and Imai highlight the interplay between physical and soft (social) factors in the process of place-making and explore how a city’s creativity is influenced by financial support and accessible infrastructure, as well as the sets of informal networks, services, and tacit, locally embedded knowledge that provide the basic layers of stimuli needed for creativity to fully develop. The authors show how the future development of creativity and the overall development of a city depend not only on the (top-down) planning strategies of formal authorities, but also on the appropriate (bottom-up) inclusion of heterogeneous elements that are provided and embedded within the small, hidden context of city spaces.


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