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At the lecture: Taiwan – between prospects and uncertainty ​

The lecture held by Dr. Saša Istenič Kotar on 22 May 2019 addressed the international position of Taiwan. On one hand, Taiwan has to deal with the so-called One China policy conducted by the People's Republic of China (PRC). The latter considers Taiwan as part of its territory. At the same time, Taiwan bears considerable significance for the United States, as Washington envisions its sustained role and influence in the East Asian region.
In this regard, the future of Taiwan is all but certain. Overwhelming majority of the Taiwanese prefer to maintain the current status quo, as it enables peace, de facto independence from the PRC and further development of democracy and dynamic economy. Any conflict arising from the tensions in the region and challenging the balance of power respectively would have serious consequences, not only for Taiwan, but also for the international economy and, in particular, for political stability in East Asia.



Prepared by Petja Oplotnik in Tinkara Godec.


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