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Growth models, industrial relations institutions and labour market policies in Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia

Marko Hočevar

explaining capitalist convergence and divergence

ISBN: 978-961-295-080-4 (PDF)

In this work author explores three national trajectories of recent economics development. He analyses three EU member states (Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia) from the mid-1980s onwards. This analysis is well situated in the rich multidisciplinary literature that in the last decades try to understand how capitalism functions and changes in the different parts of the global economic and political system. 

Author provides a first-rate overview of the post second world war development of theoretical and conceptual reflection of development and changes in capitalism(s). In description of three case studies, author uses rich and relevant quantitative data sources and presents a strong corpus of important and interesting information about the developments in three analysed countries in the forty years period. 

Author provides an analysis on how two big crises (in 2008 and Covid related one) influenced studied trajectories in three economic and political environments. 

Well presented description of the processes that (re)shaped institutional frameworks, policies designs and outcomes provides a great basis for further comparative research and analysis of functioning and changing of capitalism in different and yet interestingly similarly changing environments. 

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