The Odysseus Network presents its new PhD Catalogue in Migration Law and Policy

The Odysseus Academic Network is happy to announce the launch of the first online catalogue on PhD projects and researchers in the area of asylum and migration law and policy. The aim is to create a platform for exchange in the area of migration and asylum between doctoral researchers, prospective PhD candidates and universities or promoters.

The PhD catalogue is designed to become a reliable tool for current and prospective PhD researchers, supervisors and universities to discover research topics, other researchers, supervisors and opportunities in the area of migration and asylum law and policy. Disciplines covered in the catalogue will be law, political science, and sociology.

This catalogue is hosted and administered by the Odysseus Coordination Team and filled by submission from the public. The submission of a project/proposal is completely free and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Your contribution is essential to make the catalogue a vivid and up-to-date tool!

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