Webinars: Zbiranje podatke se spreminja. Ali ste pripravljeni na to?

Data collection used to mean clipboards and telephone calls, this all changed with the advent of online data collection, and the change continues. In these three webinars, you can hear about Big Data, AI, Chatbots, e-ethnogrpahy and social media.

  • Session 1, 3pm Sydney (7pm Auckland, 1pm Singapore, 7am Paris)
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    Speakers include: Vanessa Oshima (machineVantage, Japan), Colleen Ryan (TRA, New Zealand), Brian Fine (Quality Online Research, Australia) & Ray Poynter (NewMR, UK)
  • Session 2, 10am London (5pm Singapore, 5am New York)
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    Speakers include: Rosie Ayoub (Norstat, UK), John Storey (AplusA Healthcare Research, France) & Sue York (NewMR, Australia)
  • Session 3, 10am New York (10pm Singapore, 3pm London)
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    Speakers include: Eric Alzuhn (Dialsmith, USA), Andrew Grenville (Maru/Matchbox, Canada), Marc Smith (Social Media Research Foundation, USA), Sima Vasa (Infinity Squared Ventures, USA)
For more information about the webinars, visit the event page.
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