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Vtisi italijanskih študentov programa dvojne diplome

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Where are you from? How old are you? What did you study at the undergraduate level? Which research topic are you the most interested in?

“I come from Cava de'Tirreni, Salerno and I studied Sociology at University of Salerno. I recently discussed my master thesis on 'web analytics to promote a marketing campaign'. My interest in this topic arose from the stage did in Opera Co-Pro, london startup born in 2017. Also, I did the Double Degree at University of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, where the interest for digital research has been activated.” - Francesca Santoriello

“I graduated in Sociology and politics for the territory at the University of Salerno. I did an Erasmus at the Faculty of Social Sciences and obtained a Double Degree in Social Informatics. In addition, I did an internship for Opera Co-Pro, an innovative start-up based in London that deals with the co-production of operas.” - Francesca D'Apolito

“I come from Salerno (Italy). I'm 30 years old. In 2009 I enrolled at the Faculty of Sociology in Fisciano. I’m interested in social issues such as inequality, social rights, cooperative work, immigration, the knowledge society and big data.” - Raffaela Nastri

“I was born and live in Salerno, Italy. At the undergraduate level I studied Sociology and then Sociology and Policies for the Territory.  I’m interested in Digital Sociology. In particular, the phenomenon of Open Data in Italy. I also like to study the relationship between Open Data and Social Innovation. “- Claudia Alvino 

“I am 24 years old and I come from a small town, Cava De' Tirreni, located in the province of Salerno. I have a Bachelor's Degree in ' Sociology' and I am currently studying 'Sociology and politics for the Territory' at the University of Salerno. I am very interested in topics such as statistics and data analysis.” - Giovanna Milito

Why did you decide to enrol for the double degree?

What expectations did you have when enrolled for the double degree program? How will this program help you in the future?

“I decided to enroll for the Double Degree to empower my knowledge on social phenomena and on digital devices to investigate it. Social Informatics gave me knowledge about the study of information and communication tools in cultural or institutional contexts.I think that this program can help me for the future because the skills acquired have been fundamental for the developement of both my curriculum internship and especially for the writing of my thesis, which is why I am positive for the future as it can give me the opportunity to enter the world of work with additional knowledge and skills.” - Francesca Santoriello

“It was a good opportunity not only to improve my English, but also to learn a new culture and acquire new knowledge and technologies in the social sciences fields.” - Raffaela Nastri

“I decided to enrol for the double degree program because it was an important occasion for my training. I had the opportunity to take lectures and take master's level exams. The fantastic Erasmus+ experience was fortified by the high level of teaching. I was able to develop hard and soft skills. Specifically communication, observation, analysis and interpretation skills. I think this experience will be very useful for my future especially because it opened my mind by teaching me that there are many study methods.” - Claudia Alvino

How do you think that these two study programs complement each other?

Which knowledge did you get at the University of Ljubljana that you could not get at the University of Salerno (and vice versa)?

“I think the two programs complement each other because the two teaching and exam methods are very different. At the University of Salerno the study is theoretical and does not involve interaction with others, the exams are taken individually, so you can only count on yourself and what you have learned. The comparison between students is voluntary. The modalities of the exams are longer and without partial tests, so the amount of study is often many and many pages. At the University of Ljubljana I was able to learn a new study method that is more practical and focused on hard skills, but thanks to the strong interaction with other students and professors I have developed soft skills in communication, organization and problem solving. So the two programs complement each other and do not include the same methods.” - Claudia Alvino

“I believe that the two programs can be described as fully complementary. The courses I attended at the Faculty of Social Sciences expected knowledge that is fully provided by the University of Salerno. The skills acquired at the University of Salerno are fundamental to the studies at the University of Ljubljana which completes the theoretical and methodological corpus that the University of Salerno gives students, through additional tools and knowledge.” - Lucia Landolfi

Which are the main benefits of the double degree program?

“Thanks to the Double Degree I have acquired new skills and having done an Erasmus and a Double Degree allowed me to meet many people from different cultures and I think that’s great!” - Francesca D’Apolito

“The main benefit of the double degree was cooperative learning that has allowed me to compare myself with others students from different countries. The face to face interaction with colleagues gave us the opportunity to carry out a project or final goal. In addition, I have acquired awareness, responsibility and participation that are basic elements of a team.” - Raffaela Nastri

Would you like to share any anecdotes with us, related to the study (or life) in Ljubljana?

Is there any funny moment you could share with us? Is there anything that surprised you about the way how Slovenians live? Is pizza in Ljubljana as good as in Salerno? Did you find any stereotype about Slovenians to be true?

“Living in Ljubljana was a unique experience that will always be with me. First, the city is safe, organized and clean. I really like the shops, the green areas, the cafes, the city center. The Christmas period was super romantic, I remember all the people for turning on the lights of the big tree. Can't wait to go back for holidays! There are so many differences about food, but Southern Italian food always wins for me! I don't like raw peppers and zucchini in salads. Also, I think Slovenians are honest and accurate. My friends have lost their wallet with documents and umbrella and have always found it!” - Claudia Alvino

“One of the most beautiful moments I spent in Ljubljana was during the Christmas period. I had the chance to see that despite different cultures, I was able to feel at home. One of the funniest moments was when my university colleagues and I realized that some of our professors understood Italian; we all thought we spoke freely but actually I think they understood all our complaints. The pizza of Ljubljana cannot be compared to the pizza of Naples, but in some pizzerias I found the tastes of my beloved Italy.” - Francesca Santoriello

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