Two Computational Social Science PhDs & an Impacts of ICT Post-Doc (Paris & Berlin)

We are opening two doctoral fellowships (3 years) in computer science and/or computational social science under the umbrella of the ANR-funded project RECORDS (2020-23) focused on the understanding of practices surrounding music streaming platforms.

One fellowship will be based at Géographie-cités in Paris, under the supervision of Thomas Louail, and will focus on the spatial dynamics underlying content consumption on streaming platforms, with music streaming as a primary case study. The other fellowship will be based at Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin, under the supervision of Camille Roth in his Computational Social Science team, and will focus on the large-scale and longitudinal study of algorithmic guidance in the context of music streaming platforms.

For more information, please see Appendix 1: Doctoral positions.

Additionally, Centre Marc Bloch is opening a position for a postdoctoral researcher who focus on economic and sociological impacts of ICT-related industries. The contract would ideally start on October 1st, 2020 and may cover a maximal period of three years.

For more information about the postdoctoral position, please see Appendix 2: Postdoctoral position.

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