Syracuse University School of Information Studies Doctoral Program

The interdisciplinary nature of our program is visible through the backgrounds of the 30 current doctoral students.  These students hail from ten countries and have academic training in the social sciences, communications, business, computer science, librarianship, linguistics, information science, and others areas.   Our doctoral program is a welcoming and inclusive place for scholars from under-represented populations, something we see as a defining element of our program.
Doctoral students pursue individualized course plans that are tuned to their particular research interests and needs.  This means advising and, more importantly, close working relationships with faculty members is a cornerstone of the Syracuse University iSchool Ph.D. program. This is why it is both residential and full-time.
We celebrate the success of our recent graduates who are taking up tenure-track positions in premier research institutions and exceptional liberal arts colleges, excelling in academic and policy think tanks, and pursuing entrepreneurial success! Current students are earning awards for their publications and dissertation work, continuing a long tradition of such recognition.
For 2018, we are particularly interested in speaking with applicants and seeing applications from those whose interests align with one or more of the following research areas:

  • Social computing, social media, social networks, and crowdsourcing,
  • Organizational impacts of ICTs (e.g., Citizen Science, FLOSS, mobile work, distributed scientific collaboration, and infrastructure studies) Information policy,
  • Internet governance, and telecommunications policy (e.g., Wireless telecommunications policy and telecommunication service markets),
  • Librarianship Text and data mining,
  • Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval,
  • Computational social science, visualization, and data analytics,
  • Data infrastructure and services in support of research,
  • Information security and privacy

Applications are due before 3 January, 2018.  Please note that admitted students are assured of at least four year's funding (including summers) along with tuition and other support.
You can learn more about the Syracuse iSchool faculty and interests at
You can learn more about the iSchool PhD program at
You can learn PhD application process at .

Please reach out to the faculty members whose interests draw you forward; the program director, Steve Sawyer or, the doctoral programs manager, Jennifer Barclay or Jennifer Stromer-Galley with questions!


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