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Practical work is a mandatory curriculum subject of both programs of Social Informatics, Professional Higher Education in Social Informatics and Undergraduate Program of Social Informatics. Its main mission is to introduce students into work on various job profiles in a real organizational environment.

More information about the program can be found on offical website of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Organisations located outside Slovenia are also eligible to host practical work for our students and they are treated the same way as those from Slovenia.

Study of Social Informatics is related to jobs that involve the following components:

  • statistical, analytical and methodological skills
  • advanced computer literacy
  • understanding of information society (legal, economic, communicational, political, sociological, etc. aspects) and related business and managerial skills.

The following working tasks are among the most frequent at practical work for our students:

  • informatics, computer science,
  • work on databases,
  • activities related to the survey methodology,
  • assisting social science and marketing research,
  • analytics, statistics, social science methodology,
  • web applications, web analytics and optimisation (SEO),
  • website creation and management (e.g. using CMS).

Purely administrative tasks, telemarketing, telecenter support, survey interviewing are not eligible, which is true also for any other task unrelated to social informatics or requiring only high school level education or less.

In some specific circumstances, when the activities of practical work are not ineligible, this can be compensated with additional research project related to the practical work, which at the same time belongs to the field social informatics and social science methodology. Details and approval are subject to individual assessment.

Student work in organizations outside Slovenia can formally be carried out through:

  • national version of student work in corresponding country,
  • any other legally proper forms of working statuses,
  • Erasmus training agreement.

With respect to the paperwork, there are two situations:

1) In case student approaches us with a proposal to work with an organisation the preliminary step is that the student fills the application form. Faculty then clarifies with the student the eligibility of the proposal. Only after approval we establish the contact with the organisation and we send the letter of acknowledgment. There are two documents to sign for organisation, one at the start (approval) and one at the end (confirmation/evaluation). The templates are below, but Faculty first modifies them accordingly and then sends them to the organisation.

2) In case when organisation proactively seeks our students (i.e. wants to offer practical training to students of Social Informatics), the first step is to fill the related FORM. When interested students appear the above step (1) is repeated.

The template documentation we send to the organisation:

In case of inquires, the contact is or telephone +386 1 5805 297.

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