8th GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology & Scholarships

For all those interested in the latest theoretical and practical skills of survey-based research:

15 Scholarships are available to join the 8th GESIS Summer School in Survey Methodology. 10 of them are awarded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)/ Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology
(ISS) [1] of the University of Cologne. 5 grants are disbursed by European Survey Research Association (ESRA).

PLEASE NOTE that the DEADLINE for submitting applications for both DAAD/ISS and ESRA scholarships is 30 APRIL 2019 (GERMAN TIME).

Detailed information on scholarship coverage and selection criteria can be found here [2].

To access the online application form follow the links below:

DAAD/ISS: https://ilias.gesis.org/scholarship/ISS/ [3]

ESRA: https://ilias.gesis.org/scholarship/esra/

Before applying for one of the scholarships, please register at training.gesis.org [4] to secure a place in the course. Registration will become binding once GESIS has received the participation fee.

[1] http://www.iss-wiso.uni-koeln.de/?L=1
[3] https://ilias.gesis.org/scholarship/ISS/

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