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The Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University is happy to announce its 2013 Summer School Program

Entitled, "Nation, Democracy and Citizenship in Central Europe" this year's 3 week program will provide an overview of some of the main issues of democratization, citizenship, ethnocultural diversity and human rights. These key concepts will be analyzed through the prism of politics, economy, law and culture which will help participants investigate and interpret these processes of democratization in an important, but often neglected region – Central Europe. We kindly ask that this


The Summer School consists of seminars and lecture which will introduce interdisciplinary perspective and allow students to take part in challenging discussionswith experts in the field. By providing current research and debates, its aim is to discuss to what extent the present discourse of democratization are applicable to processes taking place in Central Europe: Can we speak of East/West variations in conceptions of democracy and citizenship? What are the challenges facing the countries having emerged from totalitarian rule? What is the relationship between national membership and citizenship? Given the special circumstances of state formation in Central and Eastern Europe, Summer School will also focus on the fundamental criteria of inclusion and exclusion from political and civic membership in the Central European nations and states, such as ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexuality and religion.

  • The Idea of Central Europe: Past and Present
  • Transformation and the Consequences of the State Collapse. Poland as a Case Study
  • Economic Perspective on Transformation and Citizenship
  • Democracy and Governance in Comparative Perspective
  • Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Central Europe
  • Central European National and Ethnic Minorities in the Enlarged EU
  • Human Rights in CEE
  • Memory and Forgetting in Post-Communist Societies

We warmly invite undergraduate students to join us in learning about the concept  of democratization, civic and political rights, transformation or minorities issues in Central Europe and many other topics covered in our classes. We look forward to providing students with a unique academic and cultural experience, as they learn about the theories and ideas informing the transformations going on around them in Central Europe. Participants will be able to also enjoy local excursions and study trips as well as the lively cultural and social life of Krakow.


In addition to lecture and seminar classes, CES organizes weekend excursion to Budapest and the Polish Tatra mountains as well as a day-trip to Aushwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. Social integration evenings and a walking tour around Krakow are also planned.


Please send the following by email (as a scanned attachment) to or fax (+48 12 4296195) by April 1, 2013:

Applications may also be sent by fax to +48 12 4296195.


Cost of the three week programme: 1,695 euro

Included in the total cost is tuition, accommodation and all study trips. 


For more information, please email

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