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“Siberian Western: Images, Symbols, Stereotypes of Western Siberia”

Tyumen State University kindly invites you to Summer school
“Siberian Western: Images, Symbols, Stereotypes of Western Siberia”

August 23 – September 6, 2015, Tyumen, Russia under support of DAAD


The summer school “Siberian Western-2015” is  dedicated to the images, stereotypes and symbols of Western Siberian region which have been articulated for many centuries among Russians and foreigners. It is well known that the history of discovering and exploring Western Siberia took a long time and was unequal and unbalanced in comparison with other parts of Russia. The huge distances and the very Eurasian space established in the minds of travelers and explorers unique and strange, attractive and challenging images of the region full of natural resources, a severe climate and a peculiar character of indigenous people.


Pillar 1 is dedicated to the Russian language courses (for beginners as well as for those who have an advanced level of Russian).

Pillar 2 is meant to demonstrate how historical memory, ethnography, the Decembrists’ movement, and a “silent” language of cultures played a decisive role in creating images, symbols and stereotypes of the region. At the same time, the school participants will have a possibility to study the images of Siberia in German literature, participate in excursions and expeditions to the historical city of the region – Yalutorovsk and the historical capital of Western Siberia – Tobolsk (Abalak monastry) and visit the museum of Gregory Rasputin.

Pillar 3 is related to the ecological dimension of oil and gas exploration in the region. This pillar will offer a number of lectures and workshops on the regional peculiarities of ecological expertise of oil and gas industrial development.

Pillar 4 explores the contradictions between stereotypes and reality in social relations in Western Siberia, namely in local political processes, in inter-confessional relations, and in business. This pillar provides a range of workshops and round-tables on Russian-German business relations, their stereotypes and real content.

In whole, the summer school “Siberian Western: Images, Symbols, Stereotypes of Western Siberia” will give academic and practical knowledge about the real content and development of stereotypes and images of Western Siberian region. It will take place from the 23rd of August till the 6th of September 2015 at Tyumen State University.


All information at

 Application deadline: May 31th, 2015


Undegraduate and master students of social sciences and humanities interested in Russian language, history, geography, economy, ethnography, business, culture and politics.

·         Language requirements: English (Intermediate), Russian (Elementray to Intermediate).

·         Age requirements: 18-30 years old

·         Number of students: 20


750 Euro (It includes classes, handouts, accommodation, meal (breakfast, lunch, coffee break), cultural activities, bus transfers, visa support. The participants will live at the university guest house in the historical center of the city. The apartments consist of two rooms for two persons in each room).

German students can apply for the DAAD grant. For more information please visit


The participants will live at the brand new university guest house in the historical center of the city. Apartments consist of two rooms, two persons in each room.


Application must be sent to:

Application includes:

·         Scanned copy of passport

·         Medical insurance

·         CV

·         Motivation letter


·         Almost all the activities will take place in Tyumen, a city of 600 000 inhabitants, located in the very heart of the Western Siberia, 1800 kilometers east of Moscow behind the Ural Mountains. It is the capital of the Tyumen Region (Oblast), a region that has seen significant economic growth over the past twenty years.

·         Educational program will be held at Tyumen State University’s campus. TSU is one of the largest research and educational centers in Western Siberia. TSU participates in a number of international academic programs, such as EAU, EAIE, SPACE, TEMPUS and Erasmus Mundus. In the course of thirty years more than 40 000 people obtained academic degrees at Tyumen State University.

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