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Illustration competition "Being a European Citizen: how do you see it?"

"Being a European Citizen: how do you see it?" is the theme of this year's illustration competition addressed to you, Citizens of the EU and Croatia, launched by the EPP Group in the Committee of the Regions (CoR)

Be creative and share your vision of EU citizenship in the form of a graphic design, a painting, a diagram, a cartoon, a photo or any other illustration. Your work can be published in a book to be released by the EPP/CoR Group in October 2013 on "A vision of EU Citizenship for the year 2020", and if you are among the winning contestants you will be invited to the launch in Brussels, and win an iPad.

We've launched this competition not only because 2013 is a European Year of Citizens but also to explore in what ways Europeans identify themselves with European citizenship. Raising awareness on EU citizens’ rights should be a long-term objective beyond 2013; every year should be the year of citizens - explains Michael Schneider, President of the European People's Party Group in the CoR – Indeed, for some it can mean a right to move or reside freely in any European Member State, for others it is a synonym for peace. What better way to illustrate these thoughts than an image?

Are you in? Find out more and enter now.

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