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Groningen Energy Summer School 2013

A multi-disciplinary approach to energy transition, from policy to physics
With a case study of Russia


Energy transition is a complex topic which requires expertise and insights from different perspectives. It is a matter of national and international importance, with significant implications for economic, ecological, societal and political welfare.

The Groningen Energy Summer School 2013 for PhD students takes an interdisciplinary approach to energy transition. By bringing together and combining a broad range of disciplines, this summer school will offer a unique opportunity to PhD students to become aware of different aspects of the energy transition, to develop novel insights and to create synergy in approaches to energy transition. The summer school will be the opportunity to connect to new networks, to learn from experts in the field including practitioners, and to discuss one’s own work. Group work on a case study (‘Russia and energy transition’) will further ensure an interdisciplinarity experience.

The summer school will take place between 17 and 28 June 2013 in Groningen, The Netherlands. It is jointly organized by the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme (GESP) and by the department of International Relations and International Organisations of the University of Groningen. The summer school is realized in partnership with the University of Groningen, EDGaR, EDI, and the Stichting Noord-Nederland Rusland 2013.

Information and Registration

For more information about the summer school, please contact Goda Perlavicuite, To register, please go to registration page.

The summer school in more detail


Energy transition is a topic that cannot be discussed in isolation from international and national concerns, nor from economic, ecological, societal and political developments. Yet bringing these elements together in a coherent manner is no simple task. The summer school will therefore be the occasion to addres how experts from different disciplines collaborate in moving towards a sustainable and secure energy supply. Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of how their expertise fit in the dynamics of transition.

Working together on a case: Russia

In 2013, we celebrate the long-standing relations and cooperation between the Netherlands and Russia. This is the opportunity to delve into the dynamics of energy, using expertise from the many fields participants will bring to the summer school. In the course of the summer school, we will explore a case focusing on the place of Russian gas in the relations between Russia and Europe, in the context of energy transition.


The programme will include daily lectures from top academics, who will address topics like

  • How do insights from various disciplines merge in discourses about sustainability, security and energy transition?
  • What are the latest technological developments in the energy sector and how can these be implemented most effectively?
  • How will current geopolitical tensions be affected by energy transition policies?
  • Which stakeholders will gain or lose during and after energy transition?
  • What is the role of governments and regulation in energy transition?

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