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Europe-Mobile is looking for a new team! Applications are due until July 15, 2018 (extended deadline)

Europe-Mobile is looking for a new team!
Applications are due until July 15, 2018 (extended deadline)

Europe-Mobile is preparing its tour through Germany! The project will bring students from all over Europe together with pupils from the German region of Brandenburg (around Berlin). Europe-Mobile aims to enhance pupils’ interest in European affairs by making Europe tangible to them. It also reveals concrete chances for pupils how to get mobile in Europe.

This year, a group of 20 students from different EU member countries travel around by bus, the Europamobil, visiting various schools in the German region of Brandenburg in order to run workshops, simulation games and seminars for pupils on specific European issues.

In 2018, Europe-Mobile will take place from September 04 to September 29. The project is divided into three phases:

1. Educational training
A weeklong introductory seminar includes training units on project management, on pedagogical methods and on EU issues preparing the students for their work on the ground in the classrooms. Additionally, professionals will support students in developing workshops.

2. School visits
For around two weeks, we visit one school every day within the land Brandenburg to conduct European workshops for pupils from the age of 14 to 18.

3. Final conference and evaluation
The experiences and methods will be evaluated among the group and afterwards will be presented in a final conference on Wednesday, September 27, 2018.

The project is directed to students of all subject areas who have a strong interest in Europe and the European Union. Prior engagement in projects related to the European Union as well as experience in teaching and working with pupils are an asset but not required.

Europe-Mobile offers the chance to gain practical experience in an international project environment and to deepen your knowledge on EU issues. In addition, the project gives an opportunity to build a European network and to reinforce intercultural skills. Depending on the university, your participation may be recognised as an internship or an ECTS equivalent.

For further information on the project or in case of any questions that may arise, please contact the coordinators of Europe-Mobile:
Stephen Bastos ( ; 0049(0) 33 78 – 8059-50) or
Charlotte Müller (; 0049(0) 33 78 – 8059-95)

Application deadline is July 15, 2018 (extended deadline).

For more information including all application documents please visit our website:

You can also find us on Facebook:

Europe-Mobile is a joint project of the Genshagen Foundation. Europe-Mobile is financed by the Federal State of Brandenburg and the F. C. Flick Stiftung.

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