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We are pleased to inform you about Europe-Mobile - a fascinating international youth project, to which we would like to invite the students of your university to participate in.

Europe-Mobile aims to reach pupils and university students. 20 students from various countries of the European Union ride the bus – the “Europamobil” – to several secondary schools within a different region of Europe each year, offering pupils workshops on European issues.

The goal is to get young people interested in Europe and to enable them to experience European integration first hand. This way, the participants get to know their neighboring countries better. Not only is their commitment to Europe enhanced, they also show more enthusiasm for the European idea, bringing Europe even closer together. 

Europe-Mobile has already taken place successfully four times: in Germany, Poland and France. After having been to Poland last year, Europe-Mobil returns once again to Germany.

In 2013, Europe-Mobile takes place from September 4-29, in the region of Brandenburg as well as in and around Leipzig.

The project is designed for students of European studies, Political or Social Science and other relevant disciplines from all EU countries. Assisted by professional coaches, students prepare and carry out workshops on specific subjects concerning European integration, for pupils aged 13 to 16.

All European subjects will be addressed on the basis of the three following questions: ‘What’s in Europe for me?’ ‘What opportunities does it offer and how can I benefit from it?’

‘How can I actively participate in the process of EU integration?’

For more information on Europe-Mobile please visit our website:

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