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EIUC training seminar for International Electoral Observers

EIUC training seminar for International Electoral Observers is now ready to accept candidatures.
EIUC has developed two three-day modules aiming at providing training to civilian staff in election observation missions at the first steps of their career (i.e. short term observers). Selected applicants will be allowed to become aware of the role, the tasks and the status of international observers, and will be given a theoretical and practical training on election observation and election observation missions functioning.
The first module (18-20 April 2016) will highlight the quantitative observation of the STOs. Starting with a thorough introduction on the international observation theory and legal standards the first module will analyse the practical life of a short term observer from the selection procedure to the end of mission including the observation of the polls, the filling of the forms, the reporting system and the code of the conduct. The methodology will combine frontal lecturers in plenary, working groups as well as role plays, discussions and simulation exercises.
The second module (21-23 April 2016) is principally intended as a complementary step for those participants who have already attended the first module. EIUC will nevertheless also accept candidatures from first time applicants to EIUC’s trainings seminars. The second module will introduce the participants to the long-term election observation by analysing in depth some of the aspects related to an international observation mission such as working relations, interviewing techniques, media and security.
EIUC will accept candidatures for each separate module or both combined. Applicants will therefore have a possibility to choose the module which is more closely related to their interests and experience or combine the two of them for a more complete understanding of the topic.
The faculty is composed by well-known international trainers and professionals with a long standing practical experience in election observation missions within international organisations such as the European Union and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
The deadline for sending applications is 1 April 2016 through the online application form. - Early bird 4 March 2016 - Apply
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