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Delavnica dr. Nine Gorenc o komunikacijskih strategijah in kompetencah v multikulturnem okolju

Dr. Nina Gorenc bo imela v okviru tedna EUTOPIA na UL v četrtek delavnico o komunikacijskih strategijah in kompetencah v multikulturnem okolju.

Dogodek bo v četrtek, 24. November (09:00 - 12:30 ), Rektorat Univerze v Ljubljani, Kongresni trg 12, Ljubljana


Thursday, 24 November (09:00 - 12:30 CET), Kongresni trg 12, The Rectorate of the University of Ljubljana, Vogalna soba

Communication strategies and competencies in a multicultural environment.

This workshop will be led by dr. Nina Gorenc, Lector of English and Italian language at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and will serve to deepen the knowledge and understanding of multilingualism. 

The main part of the workshop will be done interactively. Firstly, dr. Gorenc will provide a short theoretic introduction into multilingualism. No matter your pre-existing knowledge on the topic, you will learn new concepts, ideas and communication strategies tied to multilingualism and its many forms. Special emphasis will be placed on the importance of intercultural competences, one of the main benefits stemming from multilingualism. Dr. Gorenc will lead the group of students through various practical elements of interactive games and fun group challenges. Through this experiential approach, the students will truly learn about what are the good practices and benefits of multilingualism in education and work environments.

The second part of the workshop will be devoted to developing a campaign for promoting multilingualism to their peers in academia and beyond. After taking part in this workshop, students will truly understand the meaning of Ludwig Wittgenstein's idea: "The limits of my language are the limits of my world." Not only that, but they will hopefully be encouraged to surpass these limits and provide concrete opportunities and actions to do so.    

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