Co-organising a session at the AAL Forum 2015

Two members of Centre for Social informatics are co-organising a session at the AAL Forum 2015: Smart engagement for smart solutions: innovative methods of involving users in developing ICT for active and healthy ageing.

Smart ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing (AHA) are developed and implemented because of demographic changes, the need and wish of older adults to live longer independently at home, the increasing costs of long-term care and burdened informal carers. They can increase the quality of life, comfort, safety, welfare and interpersonal relationships for older adults and their family members. Policy makers, industry, researchers and civil society are working on this together in a process of learning by doing involving all stakeholders. European programs, partnerships and networks such as Horizon 2020, the Digital Agenda, AAL JP, EIP AHA, Coral, AER and Interreg facilitate this cooperation and learning on an European level. For reasons of quality, better solutions and actual implementation and acceptance of the ICT tools and services it is crucial to involve older adults and informal carers in the design and development. That is easier said than done and that is what this session was about.

Details are available at Coral webpage.

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