[Založba FDV] Irena Bačlija Brajnik ur.: Dictionary on Public Administration Management

8_dictionary on public administration  management

This dictionary on public administration management was created at the same time as a need for students to find descriptions of the main public administration management specialised terms in one place and as an output of the Public Administration Management course at the university programme Political Science—Studies of Democracy and Governance (academic year 2020/21) at the University of Ljubljana. After introducing students to the rich and everexpanding field of administrative sciences, students autonomously decided on three keywords they explored and for which they wrote definitions.

This is the end result of this process, which can serve as an addition when studying public administration management. There is a gap in understanding the main terminology. Of course, here, only a fraction of public administration management terminology is presented, but we tried to capture the main buzz words. This subject dictionary also serves as an example of excellent students’ work, and how trusting the professionalism of young intellectual minds is a solid investment in the future.


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