Uvodno srečanje študentov in študentk doktorskega študija Humanistike in družboslovja

Študente/-tke interdisciplinarnega doktorskega študija Humanistike in družboslovja vabimo na uvodno gostujoče predavanje prof. dr. Andrewa Calabreseja (University of Colorado Boulder, College of Media, Communication and Information) z naslovom: “The PhD, Social Science and Public Scholarship”, ki bo potekalo v četrtek, 21. 10. 2021 ob 17. uri v predavalnici 7 na Fakulteti za družbene vede.  Skladno z odlokom vlade, je pogoj za vstop na fakulteto PCT (prebolel, cepljen, testiran).

Kratek povzetek predavanja:

The term “PhD,” which is an abbreviation for the doctorate of philosophy, refers to a course of study that will enable a student to contribute meaningfully to a high level of theoretical and philosophical reflection in whatever discipline the student is working. But philosophical reflection does not mean that a PhD degree lacks practical significance as well. This lecture will discuss the potential for social scientists to use their positions of intellectual authority, expertise, and privilege to engage in more direct ways with the relevant publics who are the subjects of their research. The lecture will explore some of the ways in which scholars are able to engage with publics, and it will examine risks and rewards of doing so by discussing how curriculum emphasizing public scholarship has been evolving in graduate programs at US universities and explain the significance of this movement. It also will highlight the uniquely important interdisciplinary role that the study of media and communication offers for PhD students whose research has a significant “public-facing” dimension.

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